How to Play Lacrosse

Have you ever watched lacrosse on TV on sports channels? Lacrosse is fun to watch on TV, and even more exciting when you start playing it yourself!

The goal of lacrosse is to place the ball into the net of the opponent, using a stick with a small carrier net on end rather than by using ones hands. Consisting of four quarters, times vary depending on the level in which the game is being played, and at the conclusion of each quarter, teams switch sides of the field.

A lacrosse field measures 60 yards wide and 120 yards long. A crease is 9 feet in circumstance and holds the net that measures 6 feet by 6 feet. Ten players make up each side of the lacrosse team and play begins with a face-off. During the face-off, each sides team member that is in the center circle, must keep their sticks on the ground. Once the proper signals for the start of the game, the player who is quickest wins the face-off by gaining initial possession of the ball.

Players with the ball may move towards the opponent’s goal or pass the ball to teammates who then attempt a shot attempt at the goal. Offsides can be called if the player with the ball doesn’t leave enough players on the defensive side of the field. Offensive players cannot enter the crease where the goalie occupies, while defenders can be to assist in the prevention of a score.

Once a shot attempt at the goal occurs, and the goalie prevents the ball from entering the net, they have up to four seconds to get the ball back to one of their players, or the game official will call for a change of possession, with the ball going to the opponent. If the ball is safely returned from the goalie to one of their players, the defense becomes the offense and has up to 20 seconds to cross the midfield line with the ball. Once midfield has been passed, the offense then has an additional 10 seconds to advance into the attack area. If a ball goes out of bounds during active play, the team that is closest to the ball is awarded possession.