Thank you for your interest in joining Glasgow Women’s Lacrosse. We are eagerly accepting new players for Spring & Summer 2017! We invite you to attend some practices and a game or two so that you can get to know us and we can become familiar with you. Membership will be considered based on active our roster and playing time. If you are interested and asked to join there are several things we ask of our members:


You must join Glasgow Lacrosse. All our members are insured through Glasgow Lacrosse, so membership is required. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

How To Sign Up
Go to
On the upper right hand corner, click on “Want to be a Member.”
On the top of the page click “Download Membership Form.”
Fill out form (Note: Above method payment, fill in I would like my dues to go to my local club)
Mail in form with a check for $45.
Please note, that you can also sign-up completely online


To participate in a full season we ask $200 of all our members, plus a refundable $50 uniform deposit. Our official season begins in March. We aim to provide an opportunity to play year round, which includes regular season games, tournament play and possible travel abroad.

Dues are designed to cover:
Uniform for the season
Social Events
Organized and partially subsidized travel and play (tournament fees, gas, hotels, vans). NO FOOD.


Please email your information to so that you can be added and properly cited on our roster.

This information includes:
First and Last name
Year of graduation
Any highlights from your lax career (all-American, captain…)
Access to a car (for travel purposes)
Attach a photo


To be added to our listserv, please email Include your contact information, and specify your preferred email address to receive team communications. If your email address changes or you wish to be removed, please contact us immediately. If your email address is repeatedly returned with an error, it will be removed. So please be proactive and considerate.


We ask that all our active roster members participate in at least 50% of our practices and games. This ensures a level of consistency on the field and off. Please review the schedule and assess your commitment.


Due to our active roster we require all our members to attend regular practices. As we are a competitive team, we need our players to be familiar with our plays and other players. Attendance will also be considered when allotting playing time. Although we try to present a relaxed environment and try to remain sensitive to personal demands on time, we do ask for a consistent level of commitment. See “Practice” for practice logistics.


We ask all our members to regularly commit to games. As we have worked quite hard to create a competitive schedule, we hope you can weigh your availability and interest in participating. Again, we are aware everyone cannot attend every game, we just ask for notice in advance. If you have committed to a game, we ask you make all efforts to attend and on time. See “Schedule” for dates and competitors.


We ask that you try to attend some socials. We go to some efforts to present a complete experience. We want to recreate that team spirit we all enjoyed in college and before. So please get to know us off the field. Secondly and equally important, this is an opportunity for us to raise money for our team. We want to offer a premier lacrosse experience, which takes some funding. Dues can account for some, but not all costs. We would like to subsidize costs for away games, tournaments and the like. So please bring yourself and some friends. You will have fun. See “Social Events”

Your Help

As we are still developing, we are dependent on the energy of our players. At times we may ask our team to help in devising plays, tapping your contacts, offering your cars for transportation, offering your homes for places to stay for away games and whatever else. This is your team as much as it is ours!

Have Fun!

We all love lacrosse and the opportunity to play again. We are so happy to be able to offer this option to all of you looking to become active again in the sport. Likewise, we are thrilled to offer a team spirit. As much as we love to compete on the field, we first and foremost want to have fun. It’s not worth it any other way.