Glasgow University Men’s Lacrosse Board Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

  • As of July 1, 2017, bookkeeper has our total at 13,410.88.  There is a 3,827.11 discrepancy between this amount and the amount listed by Claudia as of May 2017.  Colette will get an itemized list from both Aileen and Claudia to find discrepancy in budget.  Budget not approved at this time.
  • Dave gave hours to Colette for paying summer coaches. Dave-6, Kraig-4, Nick, Addy and Brady-2

Apparel and Uniforms

  • Genelle is willing to assist person who will take on apparel.
  • Currently we need to order 8 missing pennies.  Stacie has a list of missing numbers.  There was a uniform checkout agreement signed by all players at the beginning of the season.  At the end of the season, Richard called all players who were missing pieces of their uniforms.  He will call parents again to follow up with each player’s missing pieces.  He will let them know that the price of missing pieces could be tacked on to graduation fees.
  • Genelle and Stacie will work with Richard to find volunteers to take over apparel and uniforms.
  • Colette will check with Aileen to see how we can attach uniform amount to student’s graduation fees.

Volunteer Ideas

  • Colette suggested making a list of volunteer opportunities and having different grade levels assume certain responsibilities.
  • At info night, we have parents stop and check in.  We can collect a check for $200.00 and let parents sign up for volunteer opportunities they would be willing to do. Check would be held till the end of the season, and deposited only if hours weren’t met.
  • Parents need to be responsible for clocking their own hours and reporting them to the volunteer coordinator for credit.


  • Colette suggested the theme, “The Fast & the Furious.”  The idea would be to get several nice, fast cars and have boys in and around them.  These would be given to sponsors.
  • Colette will make a list of past sponsors to give to Naomi.
  • Naomi will send a letter to past sponsors during the weeks of Nov 1-15, to ask if the business is willing to continue their sponsorship.
  • Turkey Trot update- Dave is meeting next week with people to start planning.
  • Bottle Drive fundraiser as a possible idea for making money. LAX players could drive through neighborhoods and Colette cans and bottles.
  • Dave will send out an email to find help for the snack shack dates.


  • Spring Break trip still not planned.  Trip coincides with state dance weekend. Discussing Bend/Seattle/ N. Cali.  Possibly Idaho if we were to do it the last weekend of spring break..
  • Dave requested going to Baltimore for coaches conference and taking a coach with him.  Estimated cost@ $1500.00,  Motion approved.
  • Need to buy more Lacrosse balls. Estimated need for six cases @ $125-150 per case.


Dave: Buy Lacrosse balls.  Send email to find volunteers for snack shack dates, OCT 1 and Oct. 22. Look into Spring Break trip.

Richard: Contact past players to follow up with uniforms. Send email to find out who is playing this season. Tap into volunteers once we know.

Colette: Get itemized print out of budget from Claudia and Aileen.  Compare lists to balance budget and find missing funds. Get list of past sponsors and give to Naomi. Ask Aileen about attaching uniform fees to players’ graduation costs.

Naomi: Get list of sponsors and send requests for continuing to sponsor Boys Lacrosse.

Genelle/Stacie: Work with Richard to find and train new volunteers for uniforms and apparel. Order new pennies??

Meeting adjourned at 7:50~Next meeting on Oct. 7@6 pm- Sports on Tap