Garden Hose Donations

First I wanted to say Thank You for the recent donations that we asked for. Donors like you will help make extracurricular activities for our young boys and girls not only possible but fun as well. The creator of gadenhoseadvisor recently donated 2 very high quality rubber garden hoses for our field.

We have also been in contact with the guys over at Microrain and we are trying to work out a deal on a used Micro Rain traveler for automated watering of the field. In the meantime we will just have to do it manually like everyone use using the rubber garden hoses from gadenhoseadvisor. The hoses she donated are very good quality and cost around $100 each, so we are very grateful as we needed some new hoses.

The Microrain is one bad body and we are trying to coordinate with other Lacrosse clubs to help in the funding. They are not cheap, so if several teams could all pitch in I know we could work something out.

We hope to receive more donations in the future from friends and families that are serious about getting the Lacrosse teams back to their former glory. Getting good garden hoses are certainly necessary for any field to look good and they are not cheap.

It’s thanks to good people like you that we are able to get things like this, so I had to write this and personally thank everyone for their donations, it really means a lot to me. Hopefully over the summer we will get a few more garden hoses and I will look into getting the expandable hoses. The expandable hoses are a lot cheaper perhaps we can use several of these rather than the microrain. I will look into it and keep everyone updated.

Thanks again for the donations!