Thank you for expressing interest in the Glasgow Lacrosse Club. We would like to provide you with a description of ourselves and hope that you will realize that you share our vision and wish to join our club.

The Glasgow Lacrosse Team is a very well established club that has been representing Glasgow for over a decade. We’ve got a membership that is diverse, with players ages ranging from 16 to 40 and playing experience beginning at beginners level through to current international squad members and veterans. One training session runs every week for players of most levels, regular fitness sessions, clinics for individual players, team socials and we play a league game throughout the weekends of the months from September through March as well as playing with friendlies and tournaments through the summertime.

Membership of the team can start from any stage during the year. We can arrange for you to come along free of charge, in the event you would like to try the sport. If you therefore are in the City but just for a very short period of time and are already a Lacrosse player, we might support you play and to train with us. Team gear can be obtained for to help our new starts out also visitors. In the event that you would like to start playing lacrosse or to find out more about the club please contact us through the website and we will send you details on where to go from there.

Glasgow Women’s Lacrosse was created by a group of lacrosse loving women who felt frustrated by the options, or lack thereof, available to them in the Glasgow Metro Area. Ayana Green took this frustration to task and quickly discovered that there are many women’s lacrosse players looking for the same thing – an opportunity to play lacrosse with women who love the sport.

In a few short months, Glasgow Women’s Lacrosse has established an executive committee (responsible for dealing with the numerous logistics of starting and maintaining a lacrosse club), developed a practice schedule, and secured the best field space available. We have acquired partial sponsorship, which we intend to build upon, and we have located summer, fall and winter leagues in which we plan to participate as a team.

GWL has big plans for the future, and we hope to continue to see an increase in interest and participation, as this is the key to our growth and longevity. We have acquired information and contacts nationwide, so that we can eventually branch out and play outside of the Glasgow area, as well as eventually invite teams to our home turf! But, as we are a young program, interested in building a strong foundation, our main focus is internal. We are an equal opportunity recreational club. We accept players of every level and promise you that what you get out of this team will depend solely on how much you put into it.

We believe that the more women who participate, the more fun that we will have. Therefore, we hope that you will decide to join us, and tell others about us. The bottom line is that we love lacrosse and we want to play as much as possible. We are also a social bunch and we like to get together off the field. We hope that you will make it to our next practice or social event and look forward to the opportunity to show you what Gotham Women’s Lacrosse is all about. For further information, please contact us at