Garden Hose Donations

First I wanted to say Thank You for the recent donations that we asked for. Donors like you will help make extracurricular activities for our young boys and girls not only possible but fun as well. The creator of gadenhoseadvisor recently donated 2 very high quality rubber garden hoses for our field.

We have also been in contact with the guys over at Microrain and we are trying to work out a deal on a used Micro Rain traveler for automated watering of the field. In the meantime we will just have to do it manually like everyone use using the rubber garden hoses from gadenhoseadvisor. The hoses she donated are very good quality and cost around $100 each, so we are very grateful as we needed some new hoses.

The Microrain is one bad body and we are trying to coordinate with other Lacrosse clubs to help in the funding. They are not cheap, so if several teams could all pitch in I know we could work something out.

We hope to receive more donations in the future from friends and families that are serious about getting the Lacrosse teams back to their former glory. Getting good garden hoses are certainly necessary for any field to look good and they are not cheap.

It’s thanks to good people like you that we are able to get things like this, so I had to write this and personally thank everyone for their donations, it really means a lot to me. Hopefully over the summer we will get a few more garden hoses and I will look into getting the expandable hoses. The expandable hoses are a lot cheaper perhaps we can use several of these rather than the microrain. I will look into it and keep everyone updated.

Thanks again for the donations!

How to Play Lacrosse

Have you ever watched lacrosse on TV on sports channels? Lacrosse is fun to watch on TV, and even more exciting when you start playing it yourself!

The goal of lacrosse is to place the ball into the net of the opponent, using a stick with a small carrier net on end rather than by using ones hands. Consisting of four quarters, times vary depending on the level in which the game is being played, and at the conclusion of each quarter, teams switch sides of the field.

A lacrosse field measures 60 yards wide and 120 yards long. A crease is 9 feet in circumstance and holds the net that measures 6 feet by 6 feet. Ten players make up each side of the lacrosse team and play begins with a face-off. During the face-off, each sides team member that is in the center circle, must keep their sticks on the ground. Once the proper signals for the start of the game, the player who is quickest wins the face-off by gaining initial possession of the ball.

Players with the ball may move towards the opponent’s goal or pass the ball to teammates who then attempt a shot attempt at the goal. Offsides can be called if the player with the ball doesn’t leave enough players on the defensive side of the field. Offensive players cannot enter the crease where the goalie occupies, while defenders can be to assist in the prevention of a score.

Once a shot attempt at the goal occurs, and the goalie prevents the ball from entering the net, they have up to four seconds to get the ball back to one of their players, or the game official will call for a change of possession, with the ball going to the opponent. If the ball is safely returned from the goalie to one of their players, the defense becomes the offense and has up to 20 seconds to cross the midfield line with the ball. Once midfield has been passed, the offense then has an additional 10 seconds to advance into the attack area. If a ball goes out of bounds during active play, the team that is closest to the ball is awarded possession.

A Brief Q&A About Lacrosse

What Are The Rules And Regulations For Domestic Lacrosse?

The game known as Lacrosse is a very high impact action packed game where the object is to get a ball into the opponents goal. Every time a team manages to complete this task, that team gets a point. At the end of the game, the team with the highest amount of points is deemed the winner.

Domestic Lacrosse has ten players on each team. For each side three men will infiltrate the other teams territory. Three players will be defensive players three will stay in the midfield and play either defensive or offensive positions.

What Is The Objective of Lacrosse?

The objective of lacrosse is the score more goals than your opponent in the time that is available. Points are earned when a player nudges, kicks, bats or throws the ball with the stick into the opponents net. Lacrosse games are divided into four quarters. Professional games usually have quarters of fifteen minutes and games for non professionals or youth games have shorter quarters. At the end of every quarter of a lacrosse game the sides take a break and resume after a few minutes.

Is Lacrosse Played Both Domestic and International?

Lacrosse is quite often considered Americas first sport. What it is, is a sport that originated from a game played by ancient Native Americans dating back to the early 1400s. There are several versions of the game, mens lacrosse, womens lacrosse and box (or indoor) lacrosse. The game is played with long handled sticks and a small solid ball. The idea of the sport is to score by shooting the ball into the opposing teams goal. Mens lacrosse is considered a full contact sport, therefore pads, cups and safety gear are highly recommended.

What Does The Name Lacrosse Mean?

This article is divided in two paragraphs, the first paragraph on the orgins of lacrosse and the second paragraph is on who plays lacrosse. The sport of lacrosse is a sport that started in Native America by Native Americans in the 1500s; the game started when the players would use a long-handed stick called a crosse or a stick and a small solid rubber ball. The word lacrosse comes from the french world la crosse, and this translates to the stick in English. The game of lacrosse is almost excusively played in the United States.

Glasgow University Men’s Lacrosse Board Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

  • As of July 1, 2017, bookkeeper has our total at 13,410.88.  There is a 3,827.11 discrepancy between this amount and the amount listed by Claudia as of May 2017.  Colette will get an itemized list from both Aileen and Claudia to find discrepancy in budget.  Budget not approved at this time.
  • Dave gave hours to Colette for paying summer coaches. Dave-6, Kraig-4, Nick, Addy and Brady-2

Apparel and Uniforms

  • Genelle is willing to assist person who will take on apparel.
  • Currently we need to order 8 missing pennies.  Stacie has a list of missing numbers.  There was a uniform checkout agreement signed by all players at the beginning of the season.  At the end of the season, Richard called all players who were missing pieces of their uniforms.  He will call parents again to follow up with each player’s missing pieces.  He will let them know that the price of missing pieces could be tacked on to graduation fees.
  • Genelle and Stacie will work with Richard to find volunteers to take over apparel and uniforms.
  • Colette will check with Aileen to see how we can attach uniform amount to student’s graduation fees.

Volunteer Ideas

  • Colette suggested making a list of volunteer opportunities and having different grade levels assume certain responsibilities.
  • At info night, we have parents stop and check in.  We can collect a check for $200.00 and let parents sign up for volunteer opportunities they would be willing to do. Check would be held till the end of the season, and deposited only if hours weren’t met.
  • Parents need to be responsible for clocking their own hours and reporting them to the volunteer coordinator for credit.


  • Colette suggested the theme, “The Fast & the Furious.”  The idea would be to get several nice, fast cars and have boys in and around them.  These would be given to sponsors.
  • Colette will make a list of past sponsors to give to Naomi.
  • Naomi will send a letter to past sponsors during the weeks of Nov 1-15, to ask if the business is willing to continue their sponsorship.
  • Turkey Trot update- Dave is meeting next week with people to start planning.
  • Bottle Drive fundraiser as a possible idea for making money. LAX players could drive through neighborhoods and Colette cans and bottles.
  • Dave will send out an email to find help for the snack shack dates.


  • Spring Break trip still not planned.  Trip coincides with state dance weekend. Discussing Bend/Seattle/ N. Cali.  Possibly Idaho if we were to do it the last weekend of spring break..
  • Dave requested going to Baltimore for coaches conference and taking a coach with him.  Estimated cost@ $1500.00,  Motion approved.
  • Need to buy more Lacrosse balls. Estimated need for six cases @ $125-150 per case.


Dave: Buy Lacrosse balls.  Send email to find volunteers for snack shack dates, OCT 1 and Oct. 22. Look into Spring Break trip.

Richard: Contact past players to follow up with uniforms. Send email to find out who is playing this season. Tap into volunteers once we know.

Colette: Get itemized print out of budget from Claudia and Aileen.  Compare lists to balance budget and find missing funds. Get list of past sponsors and give to Naomi. Ask Aileen about attaching uniform fees to players’ graduation costs.

Naomi: Get list of sponsors and send requests for continuing to sponsor Boys Lacrosse.

Genelle/Stacie: Work with Richard to find and train new volunteers for uniforms and apparel. Order new pennies??

Meeting adjourned at 7:50~Next meeting on Oct. 7@6 pm- Sports on Tap

Glasgow University and Edinburgh City

Last Saturday was a jam packed game at Edinburgh City where they hosed Glasgow University for there first game of the Scottish Championship. Halfway through the first quarter the defender Rodd Waugh passed to Gregg Thomas who drew a slashing penalty and finally scored while the flag was on the field.

Edinburgh’s subsequent man-up-play seemed powerful at first, and quick ball movement created open space for Ali Lee to find Greg in shooting range. Greg put in his second goal in less than a minute to put Edinburgh in the lead to 2-0. Glasgow created opportunities of their own but Edinburgh’s James Philp (10 saves) turned away all four shots he faced in his first quarter as a goalie, and Edinburgh ended the first up 2-0.

Glasgow kept the pressure up into the next quarter, however Niall Hamilton converted a fast break opportunity in the second half. That was the only goal of the quarter, as both defenses restricted opposing scoring opportunities and also the Gentlemen were not able to figure out how to get the ball past Glasgow’s goaly Oliver “Oli” Raine (12 saves).

Glasgow tied the match up early in the 3rd quarter on their very first man up opportunity of the game with a goal and Edinburgh’s scoring drought continued, as Glasgow had some serious midfielders defending constantly which prevented Edinburgh’s attackmen. Meanwhile, Glasgow ’s own attackmen exerted great pressure on Edinburgh’s clear, causing several costly turnovers: Corrie Bruce and Tim Mottram both capitalised on Edinburgh’s blunders to give Glasgow a 4-2 lead by the end of the third.

Edinburgh came into the fourth quarter, and refused to accept defeat so readily. Martin Crawford scored having a fantastic individual effort on Edinburgh’s first possession, bouncing a shot to the top corner. A strategic time out by Glasgow did little to slow the pace of the game; after play restarted Marty found Scott Swan all alone on the crease, and Scott scored his first goal of the season.

Edinburgh’s comeback had not been enough, yet. Glasgow continued to harass Edinburgh’s clearing efforts, and Corrie intercepted an errant pass all alone in the centre of Edinburgh’s defensive end, scoring a simple goal to once again tie the game. The stalemate continued until late in the quarter, when a communication breakdown during an Edinburgh penalty kill gave Glasgow an open shot on goal. Tim’s second of the game proved to function as the game-winner, and the visitors came away from the match with a well-earned 6-5 victory over Edinburgh.